Yoga photography

Are you a yoga teacher looking for striking, beautiful images to attract and connect better with your yogis? Or simply a keen yogi wanting to capture and preserve the energy and spirit of your practice?


With a personal yoga practice of a decade or so, I feel strongly about what yoga is (and isn’t), what benefits it brings and how it can create positive change within ourselves and within others. So, with my yoga photography, that’s the spirit I work with. Together, we will capture the essence of what yoga means to you, and your personality and presence will be the priority for what comes across in the images. I may not be the photographer for you if you’re mainly after a record of the most acrobatic, challenging poses you can achieve, in front of sunrises, sunsets and crashing waves!


Yoga is more than just the poses, it goes much deeper than making shapes with the body.

Let your photos show that too.

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