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You want images that capture exactly who you know you are inside - pictures that make you feel happy when you look at them, photos where you look like YOU, but at your best.


The resulting images of our time together might just mark a turning point in your confidence. It’s powerful to see a stunning, true likeness of your best self in pictures.


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What people say


Photography sessions can be gruelling, full of self-consciousness, awkward power dynamics and an impossible quest for perfectionism. With Sue Devenish-Meares there is none of this. She is warm, kind and gently persuasive and an hour or two with her passes as a happy experience, complete with much laughter AND a sense of achievement.

When she delivers the photos, it is almost a bonus that there are so many good and appropriate ones that it is hard to choose the two or three you want for your purposes.

I have worked (played?) with Sue on two sessions now, and I have been delighted with the results: crisp, bright, imaginatively backgrounded shots in which my personality really comes through, largely because I was so relaxed in Sue’s company.


Just tell Sue what you want from your photographs and she will give you all you ask for and more. A true professional.


Sue has not just made me feel at ease throughout the entire process, she has shone light on aspects of me I never realised I have. Time with Sue is always enlightening, both in the form of images and conversations.




Sue has an innate ability to help people feel comfortable in front of a lens. Her strong and patient presence allows for the person who's being photographed to take the space and time that they need to "do their thing". Her photographic style is clean and does justice to the person who's having their photo taken. I highly recommend her work!


Like a lot of people, I really don’t like having my photo taken. But when it came to the photo shoot itself, Sue made me feel incredibly comfortable. 
It felt natural instead of staged, and her energy and humour made me feel so at ease. 

I am far from a natural in front of the camera, and have always believed that I am not very photogenic, but Sue had so many great ideas and the end result was absolutely stunning.

Not only did she create beautiful and professional photos, but she boosted my confidence at the same time. 

Thank you Sue, you are an extremely talented lady xxx


 I was looking for photographs that were authentic, captured me, that I saw myself in, and an enjoyable shoot. I decided to go with Sue as she was fun, joyful, and real!


On the day I was excited and a little apprehensive about being in front of the camera. With Sue’s experience, joy and understanding of what she does and people, all my concerns melted away and we had a lot of fun and I was more confident and comfortable in myself.


The final images are amazing! I feel they capture me and who I am in picture form. The balance between subject and place is perfect!


The images will be used professionally and are perfect for all my visual business marketing and presentational needs. Personally I have gained great value from the shoot as Sue captured parts of me that I feel but did not see and now recognise as greater qualities of who I am.


Having my photos taken by Sue has been a very worthwhile investment for my business and me personally! I highly recommend Sue and what she offers.



I procrastinated greatly reaching out to a photographer for having my professional website photos done. Memories of a previous difficult photo shoot were still fresh. Why couldn't I recognise myself behind the tensed person looking at me from those photos? Will it be different this time? 


Meeting Sue was a great mixture of work and fun. Sue has an amazing talent to make you forget that you are in front of the camera. As a result I have now a good number (more than initially offered!) of very decent portraits to use for professional purposes where I can actually recognise myself even when surprised by the variety of my expressions. 


I wholeheartedly recommend Sue to anyone who needs their professional photos done – she can melt down the awkwardness of the process and bring out shots that you like and can use for all professional purposes.  


Photo-shoots are not my natural thing, they make me feel uncomfortable and uneasy. Being told to relax and smile is the last thing I could think to actually relax in front of camera!

But with Sue, I really enjoyed our afternoon session moving with flow in nature and being naturally captured. I am a yoga teacher and I flew through my sequence in natural light and I could just focus on my body movement and breath, while Sue was discretely taking pictures of me from various angles.


The outcome was absolutely stunning. It just looks like me being my pure self not pretending and shot with beautiful focus and editing. 

Sue is friendly and made me feel so relaxed as she is so relaxed and laid back. I would definitely recommend her for your professional photo shoots. 


Having my photograph taken by Sue was surprisingly enjoyable. I was dreading the session, I hate having my photograph taken, but we had a real laugh and the time flew by.

Sue has a strong sense of what she wants in her sessions and works hard to get this. At the same time she has a really light touch when it comes to direction. The results were a mixture of magical, quirky and beautiful. 

It was such a surprise to get to the end of the session and to have had a real blast. Sue is able to get a laugh out of her subjects just at the right time, creating a natural feel to the images. The results have a strong identity without looking staged or pretentious. It was a real bonus to find myself liking so many of the shots and a really valuable experience to see myself through someone else’s eyes. 

I highly recommend Sue; she has a deep understanding of light, framing and atmosphere that make her images stand out, as well as having a really good sense of humour!


Above anything, I wanted a photographer I would feel comfortable and at ease with. When I got in touch with Sue to discuss photos, I very quickly felt we were the right match. 


The shoot day itself was really fun, relaxed and unpressured; it felt more a joyful photo experience than a serious, stilted shoot and my face was tired at the end from smiling!

The resulting (wide range of) images were just what I wanted and crucially, needed, to communicate with my clients and show exactly who I am. Sue captured my natural energy and personality and nothing looks forced or posed. I’ve no doubt they will help me in my business.


And considering the personalised service, volume of images included, the feeling of trust and being relaxed in safe hands, I really felt I got great value for money too. Highly recommend Sue’s work!



Sue is a great photographer.  She did my maternity pictures as well as my daughter's 6 month photo session.  She's great at working with both adults and babies, was able to get my daughter to smile a lot.  I loved that she worked with the baby's (and our) mood so didn't try to force anything.  Just had the camera ready to capture our most natural moments - and the results were absolutely wonderful.  


She's very relaxed and easy-going behind the camera, which is exactly what you want during a photo-shoot.  We couldn't be happier with the pictures Sue has taken of our family over the years.


It was the first time for me having professional photos taken, and Sue was awesome with me. I’m not that girl who is comfortable with pictures or the shoot. But she was very patient with me. Sue explained to me how to be a model in just a few hours. It wasn’t just a shoot, we talked about everything and when I was talking or walking on the street she took photos of me, she knew how to make me feel confident with her and me.

Also, she is the nicest women I’ve met, and if I had to do the shoot again, I would!


I had a great photo session with Sue, and I can honestly say it was one of the best headshot sessions I’ve had in over 15 years as a professional actor.


In my experience, headshots sessions can be difficult, awkward and uncomfortable, but Sue made it fun and relaxed, which in turn resulted in a great set of pictures, which I felt really captured me and my casting range.


I would without hesitation recommend Sue – she has a talent for putting subjects at ease and a great eye for capturing personality.


My daughters were willing subjects when Sue wanted to try out a new lens. She made it a really relaxed and fun shoot and didn’t force the girls into any unnatural, uncomfortable poses, meaning the resulting photos really capture them as they truly are.

Sue allows her subjects to just react and respond to her and the atmosphere of the day or the shoot, simply capturing them as they talk, laugh, smile. Her method works! I’m so happy to have some beautiful, professional, updated images of my daughters.

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