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blonde female photographer smiling
Sue Devenish-Meares

Hi, I’m Sue, but what about you?


You have a vibrant, interesting and unique personality. So why have you never seen that in your photos before?

Does the idea of a photo session cause a feeling of dread, bring you out in a cold sweat or at the very least prompt a distinct feeling of displeasure? A rolling of the eyes and gritting of the teeth that you’ll just have to get through it?


You’re convinced you’ll end up looking like a shop mannequin, a terrified corpse?! Maybe you have a past experience where this was the case. Or perhaps you simply fear coming across stiff, airbrushed beyond recognition, tense and awkwardly posed.


Just not the real, TRUE YOU, simply looking like, well...YOU, but at your best.


I bring calmness, non-judgement (and a little bit of lunacy) to your photo shoot.

Your time in front of the lens WILL be relaxed, both fun and funny and generally a pleasure rather than a chore.

I know your true, wonderful self is in there and we BOTH want that to show in your photos.

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