Sue Devenish-Meares
Yoga Instructor & Photographer

Hello, I’m Sue.. I’m a photographer, yoga instructor (and English teacher)!


I believe that, though it can be challenging, a happy life is all about balance. It took me some time to realise that it was a good thing to have more than one job, but now I’m proud to offer my different skills, which actually overlap in numerous, beneficial ways. 


I’ve worked in many areas of photography over the years but now enjoy focusing on portraiture and capturing the best side of people, to show them honestly and truthfully, whether for personal or commercial use. My practice of yoga for nearly a decade has consolidated my connection to myself and absolutely helps me to see that humanity inside others, which when I’m photographing someone, I then seek to draw out and capture. 


In both photography and teaching yoga, my emphasis is on calmness and compassion, with a generous sprinkling of fun and light-heartedness.    

Through teaching English to foreigners for the best part of twenty years, I have met hundreds, probably thousands of people from all nationalities, ages and walks of life, but we are all, underneath, more similar than different. 


I hope to connect with you, photographically or yogically!