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Helping you attract and connect with your audience by capturing you in stress-free, natural portraits that show your true, best inner self.

Hello and welcome!

Ready to finally get some photos of yourself that you actually love?!...

I'm Sue, and I have some good news for you...

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..You ARE photogenic!

  • So, you need new photos of yourself. You feel sick, anxious, at the very least far from excited about the prospect. Why is that? Why do so many of us have such a dislike, sometimes even a fear, of having our photo taken? Often it’s based on a past experience, perhaps being forced with a stiff smile to pose for family shots, or maybe seeing the disappointing results of a shoot where the photos are ‘good photos’ but they just don’t look like YOU! Or maybe you’re one of the majority of humans who’s convinced they’re just not photogenic. I’ll tell you a secret, NOBODY is unphotogenic. They just haven’t met the right photographer.

You want: communication, connection, and to feel in safe hands. You’ll get it.

  • During our photo shoot, I want to see you, and I will make you feel at ease enough to simply be you, so that I can grab the essence of what I observe about you. The personality you know full well is there but for some reason perhaps hasn’t come across in images before. The truth and warmth of your character is what your audience will connect to and resonate with, and this is what will make them want to work with you. I’m striving, with the end result, to capture not just a face but your real, engaging, three-dimensional personality in the final images.​

I bring calmness, compassion and honesty. I'll make your photo shoot enjoyable and relaxed. Together we'll get the results you need. Are you ready?!

Clickety click below to contact me for a NO OBLIGATION chat...

female professional portrait

"I wholeheartedly recommend Sue to anyone who needs their professional photos done – she can melt down the awkwardness of the process and bring out shots that you like and can use for all professional and personal purposes." - Irina  


Let's chat.

Please feel free to contact me by phone or email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I'm based in London but happy to travel.

PHONE NUMBER: +44 7961 422093


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