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My Yoga Teaching

Whenever I’m asked, ‘What kind of yoga do you teach?’, I have to think carefully how to answer. There isn’t a succinct, easy description, because for me there isn’t a succinct, easy way to separate and define yoga into nice, tidy categories. 


I enjoy offering a non-competitive space where my fellow yogis can explore the movement and capabilities of their body and breath, all the while aiming to still the mind. 


Personally I believe this is easier to achieve without confines or the expectation to follow an exact set of rules or an identical, ordered flow of postures. I certainly take inspiration from the traditional asanas (postures) and build my classes to include appropriate ways to find ease in the body through using them, so there are definitely recognisable forms within my teaching. But the main priority is undoubtedly that it is your practice not mine, and I am there purely to help you find something that feels good for you.   


So, I suppose the answer I’ve come up with to the first question above is: ‘Sue yoga’, a challenging yet relaxing, fun yet focused, sweaty yet soothing – kind of yoga!

What people say

Sandra D.

Cannot recommend enough. Great combination of intense workout and relaxation. Sue is an incredibly knowledgeable teacher and creates an inspiring and friendly environment. Sue’s guidance has allowed me to gain more self-awareness and has encouraged me to better listen to my body. 10 out of 10!

I’ve been doing Sue’s yoga for about 6 years. I love Sue’s classes- she effortlessly attunes me to my body and has allowed me to push myself and grow. She is incredibly knowledgeable and always brings new and interesting techniques and insight into the class. I’ve been to other classes but hers are my absolute favourite. I always leave feeling warm and in touch with myself— that through my body I’ve gained insight and self care. I also have one to one sessions with Sue. Her lightness and humour make me feel instantly at ease. She clearly gives the lessons a lot of thought so that the experience is one at once gentle and challenging. Anyone who goes to her class will definitely want to continue to learn with her.

I started going to Sue’s yoga classes 2 and half years ago. And I haven’t stopped since! Thanks to her mindful approach, I’ve learned so much about my own body and mind. Sue and her classes are a mix of energy, fun, (hard)work and relaxation. Everything you’d ask for. I honestly couldn’t recommend them enough!

Laura Roberts

Martina M.